Basilica Minor- Basilica of the Holy Cross
Basilica Minor- Basilica of the Holy Cross The origin and the foundations of this church date back to Romanesque time of the 13th century. Present Gothic church originated in the years 1444-1498. The owner of the castle Zápoľský and the town supported reconstruction. Both sponsors immortalize...
Evangelical lyceum
Evangelical lyceum The existence of the first town school in Kežmarok dates back to the years 1383-1392 /Latin school at the Holy Cross church/. Lyceum was built during the years 1774-1776. The extension of the building for two more floors gave the Lyceum current look ...
Historical cemetery
Historical cemetery During the time of counterreformation the Protestants had to bury their decedents out of the town walls and there arose today’s cemetery in the year 1674. It slowly increased and after the year 1784 the Catholics stated to bury their decedents there...
Museum of the interior styles
Museum of the interior styles Originally gothic building belonged in the 17th century the goldsmith family of Daniel Haltz. The initials of D.H. at the ceiling joist from the year 1698 and the woodcut of goblet- the sign of goldsmiths give testimony. In the 19th century profes...
New evangelical church
New evangelical church In the second half of the 19th century the Protestants from Kežmarok decided to build a new church. A delegation of the congregation went to Vienna in 1870 to visit the regional architect /of Danish origin/ Teofil Hansen. He gifted the deputy with hi...
Paulinus church
Paulinus church The church was built on the ground of three other citizen’s houses. It was a present of then evangelical town to the Catholic believers and they could build a church. That time the Holy Cross Church was the property of evangelical congregation and th...
The building of “Reduta”
The building of “Reduta” At the place of today’s building of “Reduta” a watchtower was placed in the past. In the 17th century the family Thökoly let it rebuild into a so-called manor house. In the same building was the typography of Matej Glaser Vitrari during the years 170...
The castle- museum
The castle- museum The castle /Thökoly château/ belongs to the so-called town castles. It was built directly on the territory of town to protect the town from enemies. Building the castle is connected with the family Zápoľský. The castle was mentioned for the first tim...
The old market
The old market The old market is one of the oldest parts of Kežmarok. The foundations of the houses are from the 13th century and some of them still have the elements of so-called tower houses. On both sides of the street are still preserved typical artisan house...
Town Hall
Town Hall The first Town Hall was built on the Old market street in the oldest part of the town. During the invasion of the Hussites in the year 1433 that part of the old town was burned down. The town centre has moved and a new main square was made. In its ce...
Wooden evangelical church
Wooden evangelical church The wooden evangelical church was written into the List of the UNESCO World Heritage, within the scope of the enlistment of the Wooden Churches of the Slovak part of the Carpathian Mountain Area in 2008. Wooden Evangelical church is the national ...


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