The building of “Reduta”

At the place of today’s building of “Reduta” a watchtower was placed in the past. In the 17th century the family Thökoly let it rebuild into a so-called manor house. In the same building was the typography of Matej Glaser Vitrari during the years 1705-1707 that published Slovakian, German, Hungarian and Latin literary work.
The house was rebuilt in the year 1818 in the Classicistic style and became present look of “Reduta”/ the house of festiveness/. On the gable is the picture of Kežmarok’s coat of arms with the notice that this house has to serve to the entertainment of guests. The coat of arms represents the crown- sign of a free royal town, crossed swords as the sign of the town’s justice, rose and four stripes as another heraldic signs.
During the reconstruction this building was connected to another citizen’s house at the Main square. Nowadays the building of the bank is decorated by a beautiful renaissance portal with unknown initials S.W.


The building of “Reduta”The building of “Reduta”


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