New evangelical church

In the second half of the 19th century the Protestants from Kežmarok decided to build a new church. A delegation of the congregation went to Vienna in 1870 to visit the regional architect /of Danish origin/ Teofil Hansen. He gifted the deputy with his own design, which was originally made for building a church in Orient. The project did not have an integral architecture in the framework of so-called eclectic style. We can find here Byzantine, Romanesque and Moorish elements. In all architectural elements dominates the precision symmetry, which reflected on building of two pulpits. The formal shovel was made in the year 1872 and in the year 1880 was the church under the roof. The lack of finances interrupted building for 11 years. The church was finished and consecrated in the year 1894.
The church extended the mausoleum of Imrich Thökoly /1657-1705/ in the year 1909. Imrich Thökoly was born in Kežmarok and possessed the castle. He was a leader of an unsuccessful uprising against the Habsburgs and warrior for the religious parity. After his defeat he had to flee to Turkey where he died. His remains were transferred to Kežmarok in the year 1906.


New evangelical churchNew evangelical church


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