Basilica Minor- Basilica of the Holy Cross

The origin and the foundations of this church date back to Romanesque time of the 13th century. Present Gothic church originated in the years 1444-1498. The owner of the castle Zápoľský and the town supported reconstruction. Both sponsors immortalized their coats of arms in the small entry into the church. In the interior are three different types of arch: reticule arch in the aisles, star arch in the nave and cross arch in the sacristy. The interior of the church, altars / of Apostles, Ordeals and Coronation of Madonna/ and the font are in the Gothic style from the year 1472.
Renaissance bench under the big choir comes from the year 1518 and on this bench were places only for the Mayor and the counselors.
The curiosities are both organs. The small one is from the year 1651 and is the oldest one of its kind in Slovakia that is functional. To the most precious things belongs the crucified Jesus on the main altar and was made in the workshop of Master Vit Stwosz at the turn of 15th and 16th century.
In the time after the reformation when the most of German inhabitants converted to Protestants the church belonged to the evangelical congregation during the years 1531-1673, 1678-1687 and 1705-1709 as well. In the year 1997 was the church sanctified by The Holy Father John Paul II to the Basilica Minor.


Basilica Minor- Basilica of the Holy Cross


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